Welcome to Babe Street Kitchen

Hey there suga, I’m Charlotte creator of Babe Street Kitchen. I’m a foodie and travel enthusiast living in Melbourne, Australia. You’ll catch me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, pumping some tunes, shaking a cocktail or two or looking for reward flights to jet off somewhere new.

I kicked off this blog to push myself to get wild in the kitchen, jot down all the tasty stuff I whip up (because let’s be real, I always forget how I made that killer dish), and inspire you to cook up some damn delicious food too.

Babe Street Kitchen isn’t just for cooking, it’s for dancing, it’s for singing, it’s for slinging drinks and having a dam good time. The tunes are always pumping, the vibes are always high and the food is always good.

I’ve been lucky to meet and grow up with some absolute hunnies who know how to set the kitchen—and life—on fire (not literally, I swear). This blog is a shout-out to them and a hope that I can spark your kitchen creativity and zest for life just like they’ve done for me.

Life’s too short to take it seriously, hug your mates, put on your dancing shoes, grab a brewski and let’s get cooking.

So, welcome to Babe Street Kitchen, where the good times roll, the drinks keep flowing, and the food is always a hit (most of the time). Let’s have some fun and make some magic happen!

Love always.

Char x